As one of the most gifted tennis players of all-time, Novak Djokovic is sure to go down in history. The Serbian has become one of the most prolific and consistent players in the world and has enjoyed a long spell of success over the last few years. However, one of the most impressive things about Djokovic is his longevity – while other rivals have suffered due to injury or the simple passing of time, World No.1 shows no signs of slowing down even a bit. Indeed, he’s just spent his 310th week at the No.1 spot, which has helped him to equal the record set by fellow tennis legend Roger Federer.

Indeed, both players have managed to hold the accolade of the top spot for 310 weeks each. Djokovic, though, looks likely to break the record after his Australian Open win continued to show his sublime consistency as he approaches what many athletes find to be the ‘slow lane’ of their professional peak. Indeed, Djokovic also has another record in sight – 20 Singles titles at Grand Slam level. Reports around the Serb suggest that Grand Slams are the sole focus now, as he looks to try and conserve energy in other events to try and beat the record of his two most respected opponents over the years.

Djokovic, 33, has finally managed to equal Federer for length of time spent at the highest rank possible for an ATP level player. Now, he is almost certain to break the record and thus is likely to hold this for the rest of his career, if not for all-time. It is an astounding record, and the fact it comes during an era where he, Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, among others, have been at the top of their games is even more impressive. Djokovic, though, wants to keep things going – and he wants to take his Australian Open title wins to double figures, having claimed his 9th in 2021.

Can Djokovic break the 20 Grand Slam mark?

For many champions, including the legendary Serena Williams, winning multiple Grand Slam’s becomes an ambition that can continue to help them defy the passing of time. And while Williams appears to have hit a glass ceiling as she tries to match records of her own, Djokovic looks set to be the most in-form of the ‘Big Three’ of the ATP tour in Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal.

The most prolific of the trio in recent years in terms of trophy returns, too, it is clear that the Serbian sees himself moving for that ever-desired record of being the first of the three to break the 20-tournament barrier. And with the 33-year-old playing some of the best tennis of his career at the moment, he could be a fair bet to make a good shot at achieving the aim in the coming years.

While it might be the grandest of aims, so was beating Federer to the length of time spent at No.1 – if Djokovic can do that, are any accolades beyond him?